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Bryan Steers
Founder and CEO

Driven by a whole host of business ideas, Sportizzle.com was born from the desire to have Sports news all in one place, to remove unwanted content (no cat videos, unless they are racing cats...which is probably against alot of RSPCA rules), and the need to have a dedicated Sporting Community platform.
This is Sportizzle.com


Sophie Steers
Head of Media

Creative, Photographer, Media specialist extraordinaire brought on-board to control the ever growing media facing teams, drive brand awareness/control and assist in making Sportizzle.com the premium Sporting Community destination.

120+ Communities

Community Managers
120+ Communities

Our team of Community Managers cover over 120 Sports Communities, compiling content, building relationships and audiences, attending events and policing site behaviour.

Exclusive Content

Live Event
Content Creators

We have a pool of content creators who are available to attend events across the country. They are an integral part of the team and feed into each communities content managers before, during and after each event.

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