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Welcome to Sportizzle.com

Sportizzle.com is a Social Community Platform dedicated to over 120 different Sports.

A social hub for news, events, discussion, jobs and information all in one place. Completely free to register, you select three of your favourite sports and the platform customises your profile to display only relevant news items, events, jobs and discussions for these three sports, everything else is filtered out.

The unique news feed pulls in news from a whole host of news agencies, meaning a single place to see all the latest sports news

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Our Key Features

Select up to 3 Sports

Select up to Three

Customise your content by choosing your 3 favourite sports, the site will then display content from these three communities, filtering out everything else.


Build your
SportsCV Profile

Build your online SportsCV, detailing accomplishments and qualifications. Use your SportsCV to directly apply to Sports Jobs from your chosen Communities.

120+ Communities

Choose from
120+ Communities

Over 120 Sports Communities including: Football, Cricket, F1, MMA to name just a few. All with dedicated Community Managers.

Exclusive Content

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Exclusive Content

Our friends across the Sports Industry provide exclusive content - from Video at Events and Interviews to Diaries from Athletes, all exclusively here at Sportizzle.com

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There are a variety of ways you could advertise your company or a job vacancy on our platform, these ads will directly target the best Sports Community or multiple communities for your target Sport(s)
Prices start from as little as £49...

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Sportizzle's Communities reach across all Social Media Channels, from Facebook and Linkedin to Youtube, Instagram and many more.
Managed by a dedicated Sports Community Manager they are busy bringing together content from across the world in the sports you love.

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